Vegana en la Habana

If you’re vegetarian or vegan and have looked into traveling to Cuba, you’ve most likely found that people say it’s difficult. Unfortunately, they are correct. I’m sure it’s much easier to live/eat in Cuba if you can cook for yourself, but eating out is a challenge. It’s nearly impossible to find salad, and a lot of times the beans contain meat. Rice is usually just white rice, and vegetables slateado is usually safe (ask if it contains butter). After the first day, I essentially settled with the fact that I’d be mostly eating fruit, bread, and rice.

  • Usually your casa particular will offer you breakfast for $5CUC a day. I stayed in Havana Green Home and they were very accommodating. Each day, they provided toast with guava jelly, fresh fruit (papaya, pineapple, guava, mango, banana), fresh squeezed pineapple juice, and coffee (you’re SOL if you don’t like it black).
  • Sia Kara: I was able to get some sort of salad here and rice.
  • Azucar: a lounge/bar in Plaza de┬áViejo┬áthat had vegan beans, rice, and veggies.
  • The Coco Glace cart pictured was in Plaza de Viejo, in front of Camera Obscura.

Below are some places I found online that I didn’t go to:

  • In Havana Vieja, the restaurant of the Hotel Florida, Calle Obispo corner of Cuba, has one page of its multi-page menu devoted to vegetarian dishes. If you go to the Barrio Chino, it’s very easy to negotiate a veggie stir-fry.
  • There are some great agromercados (farmer’s markets) where you can find tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Calle 19 y B in Vedado, the “Four Corners” and the one on Calle 41 in Miramar usually have a great selection.
  • The restaurant in the not-to-be-missed Jardin de Botanica is exclusively vegetarian, but it’s far south of the city.
  • Someone mentioned the Eggplant Tarte at La Guarida, but my guess is that is just vegetarian and not vegan.

Feel free to comment if you find anything I missed!


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  1. Agromercados, I love! I can’t wait to visit Cuba. It’s on my ever-growing travel list. Would you say the location of your casa particular was really good, close to things and safe? This may be the first vacay I go on where I come back LOSING weight, hahaha. This is cool, thank you writing this up<3

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